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Product Name:
Graphite Corrugated Band
Details :

JFY-T140 Corrugated graphite band


Brief Description:

It is made by cutting graphite coiled material into bands separately through high-precision lathe and then rolling the bands to be in corrugated shape through special corrugated pressing roll.

When used as a packing stuffing box, the graphite band is directly wound on the shaft of pump or valve until the wound graphite band is in a certain size, and then the graphite band is compacted with gland.

The band is quite convenient for the emergency maintenance of small-diameter valves and so on, greatly reducing factory stock.



Commonly used in containers and flanges, especially uneven, high-temperature and high-pressure occasions, such as heat exchangers, boilers, pipelines, furnace doors, box covers, etc.

Application media:

steam, water, fuel, gas, chemicals, mineral oil, synthetic oil and sewage. Suitable for all processing industries, except for highly oxidizing media



Band-shaped washers are far more convenient to install than traditional cutting washers, and are very flexible in emergency maintenance.


Other Models:

 JFY-T140A graphite corrugated band (with adhesive soating)

 Metal net enhanced graphite corrugated bands can also be provided.



Highly Oxidizing Media



1 kg/roll, 2 kg/roll, 5 kg/roll

Other packing in accordance with customer requirements

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